Move quickly on flat and rough terrain, turn on spot and overcome obstacles


Simple, small and modular design with space for custom sensors and various payloads


Perform completely autonomous missions over multiple floors and collect various data points

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Explore the possible use cases with the Ascento robot

Inspection and Surveillance

Deploy Ascento to harzardous and remote places for industrial inspection tasks or make it patrol large areas

Inspection tasks in large industrial areas are usually tedious, costly and sometimes even dangerous. With Ascento these tasks can be automated from the comfort of your couch. In addition to its visual inspection cameras, Ascento can be customized with other sensors and cameras to perform all kinds of inspection tasks:

  • Gauge Reading
  • Thermosensing
  • Mapping
  • Point Cloud Generation
  • Crack and Leak Detection

All data can be transmitted live or stored in the cloud for easy access. Combine it with machine learning to process and interpret the data and make decisions. An intuitive and easy to use control interface allows operators to take control of Ascento at any time.

Because of its compact form, Ascento can go through narrow and tight spaces where most systems cannot go. By changing its height it is also possible to reach and collect data from different angles.

Similarly, patrolling and surveillance of sites can be done without much effort. Reach places in less time by taking advantage of its speed and agility. You can also let Ascento notify an operator under predetermined conditions.

Transport and Delivery

Transport objects from A to B fast and efficiently or employ Ascento as a last mile delivery robot

Nowadays, stairs and long walking distances are still common for employees working in the delivery sector. Take Ascento one step further and make transportation tasks fast and effortless. It can carry objects on its top without compromising its contents due to its stability and robustness.

Thanks to its efficiency Ascento can carry goods for many kilometres and thanks to its stair climbing technology also to locations where conventional robots cannot go. Ascento can be used to:

  • Transport samples between labs in hospitals
  • Distribute mail on your campus
  • Deliver food

Ascento is considerably faster than other platforms, which makes it an ideal candidate for efficient last mile delivery as seen in "Parcel delivery: The future of last mile", McKinsey . With a swarm of Ascentos this can be done much more efficiently and autonomously.

We are currently developing a first prototype to showcase Ascento's delivery capabilities. Get in contact for more information.


Ascento is still in the beginning. Use Ascento for your own research to advance the technology behind wheeled-legged robots.

Use Ascento to boost your own research in the field of mobile robotics.

With our API you can use the system to develop new locomotion controllers, test new navigation algorithms or investigate new cameras and sensors. Ascento is versatile, modular and highly customizable.

Some studies have already been done and published at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA):

Get in contact with us to secure your Ascento for research with an expected delivery time of summer 2022.



Optimized Leg Design

The leg geometry is optimized such that a change in height results in small changes of the pitch angle. A torsional spring in the knees compensates the robot's own weight making it very power efficient.

Compact and Lightweight

Its compact and lightweight structure is perfect for highly agile tasks where space is tight. Apart from turning on spot it can bend its knees to get even smaller.

Power Efficient

Ascento is designed to be very power efficient and can operate continuously for more than 5 hours. Furthermore it can be equipped with two hot-swappable batteries.

Docking and Self-Charging

Coming soon

A custom charging station allows to further increase Ascento's operating time. Ascento is able to dock and recharge completely autonomously.


Take control of the Ascento robot whenever desired. With a simple and intuitive controller the user can precisely control its movements and access all sensor data.

Fall Recovery

Ascento can recover from a fall from different positions and sit down in a controlled manner. This allows Ascento to be even more power efficient by saving precious battery charge while waiting for your call.

Modular and Customizable

Coming soon

Equip Ascento with additional sensors, cameras or even arms. Customization is one of the key features of Ascento. Further, Ascento also offers a simplistic mechanical design, making it very easy to replace components.

Robust and Reliable

A robust whole-body controller is responsible for maintaining the robot stable at all times. Ascento can withstand disturbances, drive on uneven terrain and even overcome small obstacles such as steps.

Autonomous Missions

Thanks to its sensors and brain Ascento can autonomously conduct missions over multiple floors.

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